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Friday, January 18, 2008

Tom & Jerry: A Jewish Consipiracy?

Well considering the ideology of the leadership and the claims made by their president about such events (nonevents?) as the Holocaust, and the non-existence of Homosexuals in their country, why should I be suprised when an Iranian makes such statements? I suppose it's just the reaction of being shaken from your comfort zone that made me almost fall out of my chair this morning after reading this post from a Times UK faith blog.

"An Iranian scholar, soft-spoken and gentle in manner, addresses a packed lecture hall. His theme: that Tom and Jerry is a Jewish conspiracy. Why? Because, says the poor demented sage, Europeans in the Nazi frenzy of anti-semitism called Jews "dirty mice" (did they??) and it was
designed to improve the image of mice in children's minds, hence to promote Jews..."
They even included the video (available a la YouTube) with the post of the 'sage' sharing his 'wisdom.'

Perhaps even more interesting than the blog and video were some of the comments left. One commentor actually brought it to my attention, for I certainly didn't know this, that if you Google Search the word "Jew" google has actually put up a disclaimer, apologizing for the incredible amount of defamatory sites. Absolutely incredible....

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