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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carolina Community looses great asset

One of USC's long standing Chaplains announced Sunday that he's being transferred on February 1st. Fr. Timothy Lijewski of USC's St Thomas More Center announced this past Sunday the news . He's been a true friend and mentor to the Catholic community and to the greater Carolina Community, leading prayers before football games, before commencement addresses, and along with his three dogs has been a fixture on the USC campus.

I've been privileged to know Fr. Tim for 6 of his last 10 years at USC, he's been my Pastor, my Confidant and even more importantly to me he's been my friend. Below is the text from the letter he read at the weekend masses.

It is with a heavy heart that I make the following announcement:

Effective February 1, I will be transferred from St. Thomas More to Our Lady of Peace in North Augusta. I learned of the likely move about three weeks ago, but despite my request to announce the transfer as soon as possible, I was asked to wait until now. Fr. Marcin Zahuta will be coming to St. Thomas More. I don’t know him well, but have heard great things about him, especially that he has a good sense of humor!
I did not ask for a transfer, but I obediently welcome this new chapter in my life and ministry. The Diocese considers this reassignment a promotion – to a larger parish with an elementary school. We have a serious priest shortage in our Diocese, and the Diocese feels that my experience and leadership can best be used in a larger parish setting. I embrace God’s plan for me, and I look forward with excitement to the challenges that lie ahead, trusting in the Lord’s infinite wisdom. But my excitement for the future does not diminish the pain and sense of loss I feel in the present – in leaving St. Thomas More. I have cried and will cry often during this time of transition, as I say goodbye to people who mean so much to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 10.5 years here; it’s hard to believe that I have spent almost one fourth of my life at St. Thomas More. You are and always will be deep in my heart and an important part of my faith and knowledge of God’s love and presence in my life. It has been a privilege and a joy journeying with all of you and serving as your shepherd.
Love, Fr. Tim

We will miss you Tim, but wish you all the best in this new chapter in your life. Amen and God Bless.

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