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Monday, January 28, 2008

Boone Hall Plantation Oyster festival

Mmmm. Oysters... Imagine two tractor trailer beds filled with Oysters all being steamed right before your eyes for you and about 1000 of your friends to share in. I went to Charleston on Sunday to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary Boone Hall Plantation festival. The weather was perfect, the oysters were fresh and delicious, and the beer was good and cold. It was a fun time spent with Tim and Amber.

Oh and I found a pearl!!! Yeah it was a tiny pearl, subsequently after getting back today, I lost it. Oh well - it's not really a pearl of great price or anything. I suppose the only down side was the slight bloating from eating so many shell fish and drinking such beer.

Remember Oysters besides being an ancient euphemism are bivalves who are essentially the livers of the ocean, they do nothing but purify the water of harmful elements which is probably what caused all the bloating, thankfully it's all passed. Not to discourage - they were delicious!

So who wants to go next year? Or better yet who wants to celebrate my birthday in March at another festival? Or how bout we just get us a bushel and steam some here? Hot sauce anyone?

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