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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who's Sanford's daddy?

It looks like many hungry eyes in the MSM as well as in the Republican't party are looking to the SC Goober, I mean Governor, to make an endorsement before the all important PPP on January 19.

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (CNN) -- In South Carolina, the question still lingers: Could an eleventh hour endorsement for president by Mark Sanford, the state's Republican governor, put a GOP hopeful over the top?

The article goes on to say that many a candidate has been trying to woo the Governor, from Rudy Guiliani offering to meet him in a quaint little upper Manhattan apartment that NYC subsidizes for him to Fred D Thompson saying he'll give him a spot on L&O. Huckabee is dying for a chance, and McCain's camp is feeling like the girl waiting by the telephone after the first date. Mitt Romney has already declared Sanford's endorsement, but we're sure he'll back down on the next Sunday morning Political Show.

So who's Sanford going to take to the dance as it were?

According to FITSNews... no one.

Mind you, we’re not completely closing the book on a potential gubernatorial endorsement, but the reality is that the calendar is pretty much taking care of that for us. With just thirty days to go before South Carolina Republicans head to the polls, we’re fast approaching D-Day in terms of maximizing the media value of a high-profile endorsement like Sanford’s.

It’s unlikely anything will happen between now and the New Year as people start tuning out politics to spend time with their families, and if the first week of January passes with no word, the available media cycles become severely crammed.

And this could end up being a double edged sword for Sic(k) Willie's old boss. I'm thinking of the old imagery about those people who are luke-warm and sitting on the fence, how even in the end they get punished for simply not choosing sides. And what would Sanford's punishment be? Let's be honest. Despite having the "mandate" of a state full of Republican't retards he hasn't been able to accomplish crap because he has been resolute against working with the Republican't retard-elite in the legislature. Even though he claims not having a desire for the Vice-Presidential Palace of Obama's cousin, it is a smart move for him to cut his losses in our fair backwards state... And he knows it!

But admittedly we're holding out here for him to 'Come out' at some point in time between now and his oh so wishful approach to the Dick's place once and for all about his ideological closeness to another kind of 'Tard.

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