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Friday, December 28, 2007

Social(ly inept) websites

Way back when, when I was an undergraduate I joined an online social network that was then specifically for college students/alumni, so long as you had a valid university e-mail address. I can't remember exactly when I joined, but the oldest message in my inbox/sentbox is November 1, 2004, but I think I've been a member much much longer. I'm talking about Facebook.

At first I was a frequent user, then as time passed, I began using it infrequently. Eventually, and briefly, I joined MySpace.com. I realize now, I only did that - as opposed to facebook - to join the fad, a fad some friends of mine had secretly excluded me from for sometime... but no matter. I found myself, unlike facebook, not keeping in touch with people instead just reading their profiles and their postings. It was terrible! The only positive side was that it was where I began blogging. (What a poor choice of medium). So earlier this past fall, I committed internet suicide. In doing so, I resurrected my interest in facebook. Since then I periodically (daily?) check facebook to see what people are up to (specifically those friends that I've lost touch with due to time, or distance, or both). It's fun, you can look at people's pictures and they have news feeds where you can see where someone has written on someone else's wall and you can read their posts amongst other things.

But I'm not here to gush about facebook. Honestly I'm not. I was just traipsing through when I discovered that a friend who apparently now lives in Illinois (he really still lives in Columbia), posted a link to his website. memoirsofagamecock.com. Yes, it is a play off the movie. Well Chase, don't worry his (real) name is all over the site, was a frequent contributor to the University's Newspaper - The Daily Gamecock. His columns were very much in the humorist vein, sort of like Dave Barry. Very pithy.

One of my favourite column's was from 2005 - The Sexiest Majors

I’m a history major. It’s a good thing I plan on being a teacher; otherwise, I could have problems trying to figure out what to do with this degree.

Why do I want to be a teacher? I say it’s because I have a heart. Others say it’s because I’ve grossly underestimated the size of a teacher’s salary. In all likelihood, it’s a little bit of both.

But for the average student, how much does the choice of major really dictate your career options? Not as much as our advisors would have us think. In my opinion, for most guys, their major does nothing more than identify their merits as a potential husband.

The joke has always been that when you’re trying to find a husband, girls should hang out around the medical school and the law school. If they don’t find any luck there, a business student will suffice.

So there we have the ideal, stereotypical “buy me clothes and jewelry” husband. What about the ideal, stereotypical “raise my children” wife.
That, of course is only a portion of it. It looks like the most recent post is from 09/27/07. Perhaps he's taking a hiatus from writing columns. Any who, all of that to say I hope at the very least, if he's not publishing columns, he'll continue writing at Memoirs of a Gamecock as a pithy blogger. I guess only time will tell or rather e-demand will. So if you like reading his stuff, send him an e-mail and demand more!

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Gashwin said...

Facebook takes time-wasting to new depths ... :)

Happy New Year! :)