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Sunday, November 18, 2007

More from Cheraw

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I've been riding by this sign for years when traveling to and from Cheraw. Every time I see it I get a big kick out of it, because though it is a spelling mistake for the Palm Reader who uses it to advertise her business, I doubt most persons would understand that to be a real word - an old word, but a real one none the less. A physic is a medicine that usually purges, it can refer to - in Elizabethan English, to the doctor some one who heals/cures. In the metaphysical, I suppose knowing one's fortune in a way can act as a Physic, because knowing what is to happen would be cathartic and purgative in some way. Any who...

After the Christmas Parade in Cheraw yesterday I went to the Dizzy Gillespie Birthplace town park for an even sponsored by Obama '08. It was a quaint little BBQ on a chilly day in Cheraw, a handful of people were scattered around the park. Quaint is an appropriate word for the event. It wasn't a sumptuous packed affair that would be held in Cheraw in honor of say - John Edwards. Granted Obama hasn't been to Cheraw, and something tells me he probably wouldn't, but I certainly commend the organizers for holding various forums and events in support of him.

Later in the evening I headed out to Rawtown Coffee (I'm still pleasantly surprised that the people of Cheraw have it within them to support a coffee shop, big hand to Cheravians!) for the musical styling of Jason Beckham. He was pretty good, his music especially one song he played I'd love to watch a train) is very soulful. Here's a video from the 40 Watt in Athens GA of another song. He said Nashville rejected him because his music was to vague. I believe they may mean too deep.

After that I went home went to bed and hit the road and that's when I pulled over in East Camden to take the above picture. I'm sure that was a sight to see as I pulled off the main highway practically straddling the sidewalk to take that picture. Oh well, it was worth it, I've been telling myself that I was going to take a picture of that and finally did.

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