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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Open Letter and call from Muslim Religious Leaders to (iii)

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According to Asia News services Jean-Louis Cardinal Tauran says “We shall certainly respond,” he said in an interview to Vatican Radio, “because it is a positive signal sent to Christians. As I have said before there are some new elements. For example, when they mention Jesus they quote the New Testament, not the Qur’an. The text itself is not polemical and contains many positive aspects.”

This of course is on the heels of an outbreak of heated rhetoric at the International Encounter of Peoples and Religions, organized by the Sant’Egidio Community and the Archdiocese of Naples.

According to Charlotte was both the Pope managed to nip the argument in the bud while it was taking place at his lunch table. But after he left, the Chief Rabbi of Rome stated that "it was futile to speak about peace while keeping silent about the threat of Iran to eradicate Israel from the face of the earth."

The Muslim leader responded in kind about the outburst and the proceedings "the peaceful and spiritual nature of the encounter demands that political differences between nations should not be a subject for discussion." Then he proceeded to rail against the United States' Middle East Policy and suggest that the US is the puppet of Israel.

This man, named Ezzedin, happens to also be a signatory of the infamous Open ended letter, released earlier this month - and according to Charlotte was both "Ibrahim, like many of his 137 co-signatories of the second letter, is one of those who has never stated publicly a clear and unequivocal denunciation of Islamist terrorism."

All very interesting... I wonder what our local Carolina Jihadist would have to say about this Open ended letter as Christian leaders take stock in order to respond.

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