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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Colbert on the Horseshoe

Stephen Colbert was on the historic Horseshoe less than 20 minutes ago and received the keys to the city from Mayor Bob. I originally thought about 300 people were there, I think there were considerably more. And boy was there an interesting mix of people. On one side of the podium were the greens who had signs talking about Global Warming Hot, Stephen Colbert Hotter. And then there were the people I knew would be there with this sign, Colbert Christ '08.

J and I got up early despite the late evening last night. J took some pictures which you can see here. And Dogwood has posted his pictures here.

I must say, there was a level of seriousness about the speech that I wasn't expecting. He talked about the progress of South Carolina in such a way that it wouldn't have been uncommon to hear it from any of the other candidates. Granted though his speech was peppered with jokes. Some new: saying how wonderful it was that the scientist who will be living in Innovista will at least be there first when their experiments go terribly wrong and how they'll be the first to mutate. Most though, were not: The Carolina peaches bit. I think though probably one of the most memorable quotes if you will is one that he said he was copyrighting about South Carolina's past and future. "In the 19th century South Carolina was the first to secede, in the 21st century South Carolina will be the first to succeed. First to secede, first to succeed!" I wonder how much of a royalty I owe him?

You know I must say how much of a relief it was to see so many people of various political stripes out this morning if not to actually vote for this man than to be able to take a moments pause, relax and come and laugh - after reading some of the news reports about this mornings events, that fact seems all the more important. Other people have also blogged on this mornings events - who would have thought this would bring out the bloggers in mass? The Satire Party, has a YouTube Video from someone who was standing in the crowds... sound is a little iffy unfortunately.

:::Update::: Check out Brad Warthen's Blog post of a pre-horseshoe session with Stephen Colbert atop my office building, in an exclusive club. Please excuse the pandering from The Editor about getting hits from his blog, blah blah blah, and notice that Candidate Colbert doesn't shirk the opportunity to entertain and satirize in the company of the wealthy as well as the mean. (And yes, in the first photo it is a Bloody Mary in the background :-P)

Here's an interesting post I did on Colbert and Peaches

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Gashwin said...

You made it! Yay! Call me and tell me all about it. I was thinking of all of this when we were busy shop-vaccing broken glass from the cars this morning.

Dogwood Dell said...

Let J. know he did a good job on his photography.

A number of good photos.

Jessica said...

Hey Mattheus-

With lots of political news going on in SC and with religion and politics being such a hot topic right now, I thought I would pass this along. There is an independent film coming out this month titled: “Article VI: Faith, Politics, America.” It has a very provocative trailer that quickly and pointedly raises many of the big questions that politicians and others have been wrestling with in recent years.

Check out the trailer:


The film was directed by Bryan Hall and Jack Donaldson. It is an intense discussion of the role of faith in politics. The title is taken from Article Six of the United States Constitution: "no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States." In the heat of the current presidential campaign, Article VI makes an unbiased presentation on a volatile topic. It asks voters whether they would have denied America some of the greatest presidents in history because of their religious beliefs. Article VI of the constitution ignites the film’s exploration of the current political environment, religious bigotry, and intolerance in America.

The film documents Hall’s experience as he travels around the country engaging people in a lively discussion about faith in politics. Hall encounters unique viewpoints from political pundits, religious leaders, historians, and everyday citizens.

Let me know what you think!