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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Colbert in Columbia, SC

:::Update::: Stephen Colbert Cut Short in South Carolina:::
After yesterday's Heads Up, the States MSM finally caught wind of the visit to Columbia, by native son Steven Colbert.

The State
is reporting about it this morning and it looks like Mayor Bob has it all planned out, including the possiblity of Colbert Riding the cities Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Segway. And the mayor said it best:

“We’re willing to take any blow as long as they get a good picture of the Horseshoe and the Innovista,” Coble said. “I’m considering offering him a ride on the hydrogen fuel cell Segway.”

Mayor Bob's got the right idea, any publicity is good publicity. And others are worrying about the location being near that confederate flag on the State House Grounds... something tells me there will be other farcical dimensions of his Visit for the Comedian to talk about. After all Colbert isn't South Carolina's only favorite Son. Some have suggested that an appeal may be made Sunday morning for the addition of this Son, a Godly fellow you could say, to the Colbert Ticket. More on that tomorrow.

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