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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Thank you Gashwin for sending me this link. It appears that my opining and musing in an earlier post about having Bp Steenson become a Catholic Bishop is completely possible.

Here's a snipit:

These consecrations were done, perhaps with the exception of the 1971 consecration, with a revised ritual form that the Anglican Communion submitted to the Vatican and which the CDF certified was acceptable to validly pass on apostolic succession—so that if someone with valid orders were to use it, the resulting episcopal ordination would, in fact, be valid.

and here:

When Clarence Pope became Bishop of Fort Worth around 1983, he requested Bishop Trelease as one of his co-consecrators. This is why Clarence Pope, in his first conversion to the Catholic church, requested being re-ordained only “conditionally.” Now, arriving at Bishop Steenson. Bishop Steenson was consecrated on January 15, 2005. Bishops Terrance Kelshaw and Clarence Pope both served as co-consecrators in his ordination.

Both of those co-consecrators infact were ordained by the Catholic Archbishop of Santa Fe. Ironically it's the same See that is wanting Steenson to submit for conditional approval to his Archdiocese.

I'm reminded of that passage from Timothy about Bishops being good men who are married only once, decent, hospitable, able teachers, et cetera, et cetera.

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