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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Witticism of the Day

Headline from the Telegraph:

Light bulbs held up as green beacon

Well if that's not enough to get your attention here's the meat and potatoes:

The cost of "green" regulations and subsidies can vastly outweigh their economic benefit, Lehman Brothers will claim today in a report on the financial impact of climate change.

The US investment bank's research shows that the humble low-energy light bulb is a much more cost-effective way of reducing carbon in the atmosphere than expensive wind and solar power projects or bureaucratic diktats on car emissions.

Well of course it's going to be ├╝ber expensive when the efficiency of our appliances hasn't been increased in umpteen years. We can reduce gas mileage on a car, but we can't reduce the amount energy it takes to operate a microwave. BUT we are beginning to make efficient switches, like to CFL, see my earlier post on my cost savings of changing just two bulbs!

Right now, and I will admit, most green power technologies are feel good productions, we make them and invest in them because it makes us feel good that we're doing something for the environment. But just imagine if the appliances we used were as efficient today as our automobiles - and boy have they come a long way, then the reality would fit that green power technologies would be feasible and profitable.

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1 comment:

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

So, I read the title of this post (OK, MIS-read it) and thought "green bacon? What gives?"

We've been pretty happy using mostly fluorescent lamp bulbs, plus halogen, plus a few incadecents where nothing else will fit. The flourescent bulbs are also cooler when you are reading with one over your shoulder.

BTW: What we've done to save as much energy $$ as possible is to install timers on the thermostat. Not always practical for everyone, esp when you live in an apartment, but it helped keep our bills level despite recent huge % increases in rates.