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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

$$ Big Savings? $$

... this is from an e-mail I sent to some friends, and thought I'd share.

My air condition the past two months have been running a constant 75-78 degrees – and yet my power bill dropped by $30, so what’s different? I still use my dishwasher on a regular basis (even more so now that I’m cooking more at home!), my tv is still on practically always, so what’s different? I did just two things, 1) I had Jonathan drop my hot water tempertature like 5 degrees and 2) My light bulbs, I changed out two lights that I always use with the CFL and I got rid of a third lamp by bringing it to the office. Now I’m thinking I might just change out one or two more bulbs – I’m amazed!!!!! . In one month!!!!

And here’s a disclaimer that our Utility company advocates about summer costs…

Factors that affect your energy bill:
There was 4° change in temperature. Please note that a change in temperature could result in increased seasonal related charges on your bill.

It only cost me $11 to buy those two bulbs and in a month I’ve recouped my money and then some, how bizarre!!

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