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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who broke Wind?

A 5.4 Mega Watt Facility in Lee County

Methane gas... it stinks, it comes from cows, from us and from our trash. I'm a huge supporter of alternative energy, and yes, I know we're as yet a ways away from becoming independent of Fossil Fuels, but I can appreciate the efforts that are going on around us. One of which refers to that stinky gas that causes people to blush and deny up and down that they "did it." Check out South Carolina's efforts here. It has its limits of course, according to Santee-Cooper* who operates facilities:

a typical well-engineered and well-operated
landfill, gas may be produced for as long as 50 to 100 years, but using this to
fuel generators may be economically feasible for only 10 to 15

A friend of mine told me once, and I'm becoming a firm believer, that to become energy independent of fossil fuels and generate sustainable renewable clean energy will take a commitment this country hasn't made since initiating the space race under JFK.

*Currently Horry County residents can choose to subsidize the green production by purchasing "blocks" at $3 per billing cycle, this is somewhat similar I believe to Carbon Offsets - these funds are recycled back into the program and pay for new facilities and community development.

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