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Thursday, April 30, 2009

It made me chuckle and wince at the same time

As I was walking towards work the other morning the Anti-Abortion folks (the ones with the very graphic signs) were out by Gervais Street on the State House Grounds. I approached my usual cross walk and noticed that the grey haired lady was sitting on a stool with her sign (I couldn't see it) resting against her and the light pole. As I went to press the crosswalk button I casually told her Good Morning - as any Southerner is wont to do.
It startled her. She grabbed her glasses which were  resting in her lap and eyed me. She responded. Thank you so much, you're the first person ever to say that to me while I've been out here. I was startled and suprised -- really? I said with obvious incredulity. She told me (rather emphatically and in earnest) to have a good day and I wished her one likewise. She smiled and turned back to her vigil of watching cars go by holding the sign.
When I crossed the street and walked down a ways I looked back to see which of the signs she was holding. Her's was the SODOMY IS A SIN! sign. I winced, chuckled and thought to myself, if she only knew that the only person to show her kindness was in fact a 'sodomite' she was there protesting against.
Oh the irony of it all.

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Deacon Tim said...

What about the
Gomorrahites? How come Yahweh vaporized them, too? They weren't even doing anything and then, blam!

Was it like one of those "precision air strikes" that's always killing unfortunate children in Afghan schools? Or was it a case of trying to learn how to aim the new salt-propelled Blue Lightning LBGT Eliminator Ray? I can almost hear the conversation: "During a sizable meeting of senior sexual perverts, the Heavenly Host employed precision-guided munitions on their location after ensuring there were no innocent virgins in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, due to rapidly changing conditions on the ground, it appears that the area sustained some collateral damage. The Heavenly Host regrets the error."

I went to seminary so I can say that.

Earl Capps said...

Tim - HUH?!?

Leo - I'll bet that would have really made her day. Well, no point breaking her heart, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

A true "balm" walker, would have told the lady that mere fact. In an attempt to represent other sodomites in hopes to change that woman's views , i.e. (heart). What did you really prove walking away with a smirk ? ; you're the only one that knew or cared for the irony. If you live that lifestyle; stand-up for that lifestyle ... unless you're embarassed ? and that's another topic.

u-r-my-sunshine said...
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Anonymous said...

oh, and p.s. - "Deac." - I'm sorry you spent all that money in order to make a comment most bloggers don't even understand. and "huh" - I'm sure whenever she's being talked about in random places; it means she's making some changes in this world!

Aquinas said...

The real irony here is that only one of you can be right. Either a man's penis was designed to be placed inside another man's rectum or it wasn't. Ontologically speaking, I can't see how anyone can make a convincing argument for sodomy as a normal, healthy activity. I would hope that regardless how opposed folks can be on this issue, common courtesy can still be displayed.