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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

QOTD: Omni vincit Amor

"The governor may choose to veto a bill, but he cannot veto love and commitment."

- Peter Shumlin
Vermont Senate President Pro Tem.

Governor Jim Douglass of Vermont today signaled that he would veto the Same Sex Marriage legislation passed with overwhelming margins by the Vermont State Legislator. Andrew Sullivan fisks the fecklessness of his reasons behind the veto. "The Legislature Should be focusing on the Economic Crisis," despite the fact that the marriage industry and the State stands to gain financially from such a move.

If you're against Same Sex Marriage, why not just come out against it - why beat around the bush? Is it because the folks of Vermont through their legislature are in fact in favor of this legislation and you're beholden to a particular interest group because of party affiliation? Governor Douglass - you have failed.

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