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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Petition for "Personal Utilities"

Solar power's future in South Carolina is further clouded by resistance from utilities, which have been slow to accept net metering, a program that allows customers to sell electricity they generate back to a utility.
South Carolina remains one of 10 states that has yet to establish statewide net-metering standards and rates, though utilities in some parts of the state recently began experimenting with limited buyback programs.

-Charleston Post & Courier, 3/3/08

Why is it that we're one of only 10 states that has yet to establish these standards? In a moment in our history when energy and fuel costs are pushing beyond the roof (and subsequently every other consumer product, including food)?

It's time to take the initiative, for South Carolina to step up and help our citizens save money so that they can reinvest and feel a bit of Palmetto Pride.

Won't you support an inititative that brings parity to the home and small business owner who wants to have the ability to sell the energy they produce in their homes which is excess of what they're consuming back to the Utilities in this state for a fair price?

We as a state we already offer tax breaks and incentives and to our citizens who take such bold initiatives as refurbishing one's home or business by "greening" it, shouldn't we consider expanding those breaks and incentives to allow more to participate and in doing so grow our economy in this time of near recession?

If you think so, leave a comment or better yet contact your local State House Representative or Senator.

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