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Sunday, March 22, 2009

An eye towards 2012

Thanks to Phil Bailey and the SC Senate Democratic Caucus for drawing our attention (no pun intended) to Charleston City Paper's Weekly Cartoon by Stegelin for this gem of an image.

But for those of us living in the mire, and specifically for those who are to be directly affected by the Un Gov's posturing, perhaps this is a more appropriate image - because ultimately none of these political ploys are funny or cute.
The UnGovernor's eye, like that of Sauron is so fixated on the Constitutional equivalent of the "ring of power" in 2012, kept making the news rounds this week pushing his 'rejection' of the Stimulus.

All it's proven to do was make him as unpopular as Tolkien's Villain as folks within and out of the state rally to push back against his idiocy.

It's time to poke the eye out.... that or throw a shoe at the bastard.

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Anonymous said...

Nice graphic.