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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Back in the kitchen again

I'm on a cooking roll. The other day it was the Stuffed Peppers, today... skirt steak over mashed potatoes with an onion and portobello port wine reduction with grilled green beans.

The recipe was simple and was a variation of this recipe by BoanRoasters of Australia.

We used a lot more onions (not so finely chopped) we used smaller whole portobello mushrooms that were sliced in half and instead of Veal Ju... a teaspoon of vegetable bullion.

The meal was as delicious as the picture above looks.

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Earl Capps said...

Man oh man, that does look good :)

Anonymous said...

it was good :)

whaleshaman said...

you might enjoy the series that includes this skirt steak recipe:
Jacques P├ępin: More Fast Food My Way

Earl Capps said...