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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

POTD: Who is this Aaron Schock and more importantly who is that holding the Bible?

::Update, to see Congressman Schock's Abs - click here!::

Aaron Schock who was elected to Congressman turned Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's seat in Illinois was named the hottest of the Freshman Class on Huffington Post.

One picture on HuffPo's slideshow really caught my eye and is now the photo of the day.
Who is the guy holding the Bible for Congressman Schock? From the other picture which includes all of his family it's not a sibling.
I always thought that family or loved ones held the Bible during swearing in ceremonies, especially when they're staged such as this. Oh well, it could be a Pelosi staffer or such. Who ever that is with Mr. Schock is rather sharply dressed in that pinstriped suit and the tie if fantastic. Mr. Schock of course looks pretty dapper himself.

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Randy said...

Is that hot guy Aaron's lover?

Anonymous said...

I dunno but here's the same picture from a different angle and he's definitely holding the Bible for Aaron...


Anonymous said...

Definitely his boyfriend. Aaron is gay -- just wish he would be a little more open about it on the Hill.

;) said...

I think i know that kid. His name is Shea Ledford... He was CRAZY back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Judging from facebook that is Shea Ledford...who is married to a beautiful woman. He is from Morton Illinois which is close to Peoria Illinois.