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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Speaking of Episcopal Elections

Saturday morning I tweeted about the See of Charleston getting a new Pastor, but unfortunately because of computer problems couldn't actually blog then about it. But as my friend Gashwin tweeted: Sedes Carolopolitani habet episcopum. (Propter amicos Carolopolitano felicissimus sum!)

Whispers has the appointment day statement from Bishop-elect Robert Guglielmone, and links to this video:

We welcome our new Ordinary and share in his joy at his appointment. Thanks to as well to the other well wishers including "my friend Earl" who is a "cousin" that belongs to an eparchy that overlaps our diocese (Catholicism isn't very good at streamlining).

The ordination and installation ritual and ceremony will take place on March 25, feast of the Annunciation, at St. John the Baptist Cathedral on East Broad Street in Charleston. Any takers on going and participating/observing? Earl are you going to represent your Melkite flock?

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