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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

South Carolina's own Tower of Bible

With the potential investment group for the Hard Rock Cafe pulling out at the 11th hour, sending the Myrtle Beach landmark into Chapter 7 bankrupcy, and announcing that they were instead investing in a PTL-HeritageUSA style park in Tennessee, South Carolina transplant JoAnn DeKind felt jilted and is trying to build a similarly themed park here to keep the evangelical tourist dollars pouring into South Carolina Coffers.

And while it's doubtful that you'll be able to see an exhibit of the Holy Family escaping to Egypt on the backs of dinosaurs while visiting "Big Top Resort," because that's what the Socastee Resort is to be named, you can "stay in rooms themed after the biblical King Solomon’s Temple or go to a juice bar named the Garden of Eden." Perhaps though, as our friend Mean Streak recently suggested you can lounge in the Lazy River Jordan, and if you're a newlywed stay in the Bathsheba Suite. It could create a cottage industry too for those folks who might like to indulge in things like alcohol and tobacco, as many South Carolinians and Evangelicals are. And just like the anonymity afforded when shopping in a liquor store, no one has to be any the wiser if you go to the S & G dance club or Cana Bar.

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