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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A new word for the Political Dictionary: 'rootsgap'

Open Left has a great essay by Matt Stoller who's making his exit from blogging to work for congress. It's more of a reflection of where we are and his analysis of perhaps what to do about it.

Ultimately what I've learned, from many of you as much as from the task of writing for the public for the last five years, is that there is a serious leadership gap in this country. And by leadership gap, I mean something very specific, so specific that I'm going to give it a name. I call it a 'rootsgap'. A rootsgap occurs when a leadership is dramatically out of step with its base or the public at large.

Will there be much of a 'rootsgap' in the new Obama Administration? You'd think not with his roots in community organization. [cue derisive comments from the right] If I were a Magic Eightball I would say "Cannot Predict Now," "Reply Hazy, Try Again," or "Outlook Not So Good."

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1 comment:

Waldo said...

The rootsgap idea is especially interesting when applied to the SC blogdom.