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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mini Commerce Chiefs? - Too many in South Carolina?

Within Governor Sanford's 2009-2010 Executive Budget, one could perceive that the governor dislikes the legislature's current involvement in economic development and wants to be the leader in this effort. On page 58 of the governor's executive budget:

"No longer will a piecemeal, localized approach at economic development, led by 170 mini-Secretaries of Commerce suffice to bring South Carolina into 21st century economic realities."

Hmm….To whom is the governor making this reference?

Let's see…. There are 124 members in the S.C. House of Representative and 46 members of the S.C. Senate. If we learned our math from South Carolina's school systems, the equation would be as follows:


One can assume, based upon logic and math, that the Governor is likely referring to the 170 members of the S.C. General Assembly. Now the real questions:

  • Do the legislative members really want to be a miniature version of S.C. Secretary of Commerce Joe E. Taylor?
  • Did the governor make an insult or compliment ?

Just some interesting if not casual observations about what is yet another volley in the endless, bitter, internecine battle between the Republican Legislative and Executive Branches.

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