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Monday, December 15, 2008

In honor of Waldo: Some where Chester A. Arthur is laughing

The folks over at Mike's America and Sunlit Uplands are biting their nails, gnashing their teeth and generally stocking up to move to cabins in the woods at undisclosed locations.

First the voters of the Country ignored their pleas against the Marxist-Socialist-Communist-Fascist-Muslim-Terrorist-Homo lover-"Pro Abortion"-did-we-mention-he's-black candidate because as they know, he was born in Kenya. The people spoke and cast the majority of votes in more than enough states for Obama to be declared the victor at 11pm on Election night.

Then they got slapped in the face from the Supreme Court who refused to hear their case about his birthplace. Who would have ever thought that the Bush appointments of Alito and Roberts would reject this claim -- then again, Bush doesn't believe the Bible is the literal and factual word of God in the way all good Muslims Fundamentalists and Evangelicals, so no wonder. (By the way check out his 'Above My Pay Grade' remark on Evolution)

Now the Electoral College has cast its ballots - and darnit if they didn't do it in favor of Barack Hussein Obama II, despite the hopes for faithless electors.

The only recourse now is to appeal to members of Congress before they vote on January 6 to ratify the electoral college vote -- that and pray the Prophet of Parowan has foretold.

Good luck to you Yahoo's in the wilderness, don't forget your snuggies and to drink your juice.

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1 comment:

William D. Lindsey said...

I say let them hie their flinty selves to the woods, Mattheus. And if you find just which neck of the woods they're heading for, let me know, so I can recommend that a big lump of my fellow Arkansans join them.

Folks tell me Greenville is positioning itself to be the new Jerusalem. Maybe we can send 'em there? And put a big wall around it where they can pretend Sarah Palin actually got elected president, and be none the wiser, confused with facts from the real world.