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Monday, December 15, 2008

Hallelujah, a Christmas Song?

Remember when Andrew Sullivan had us all aswoon and revisiting old memories that still pang on the heart chords even still? Well Oddly enough this song poem is set to be Britain's number one song for this Christmas.

Ruth Gledhill reports it so today, and something we've known in since at least the beginning of December some 15 days ago, more on that in a bit. (Really, we're that far into December?)

The article that Ruth obtained exclusively for her blog, written by Alan Franks shares a similar ethos with the one written by Nigeness at the beginning of the month, though with less cynicism. The reservation and disappointment bleeds through though Mr. Franks tries to persuade his disappointment with the fact that at least Mr. Cohen will recoup funds that were swindled by his accountant from the increased air play mainstreaming affords.

In my own mind I can understand and appreciate the confusion and, admittedly the distaste, of having this ballad as a 'Christmas Song.' Even if, as Mr. Franks put it, "Hallelujah has become as successful as it has because it articulates some spiritual yearning without being too specific," the ambiguity of melody, lyrics, and meaning can only bend so far before it simply becomes the musical equivalent of jumping the shark. The only potential justification would be an equally as bizarre Christmas practice that Ruth pointed out in a previous post - giving credence to the phrase blue Christmas.

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