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Sunday, November 02, 2008

QOTD: That explains my jitters

“Look, I have this sense of impending doom... The only thing worse than losing is to think that you’re going to win and then lose.”

Jon Downs from Obama Is Up, and Fans
This is definitely how I've been feeling over the past week or so. Look I'm a Democrat and I am ok with making this honest statement: Leave it to Democrats to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. And several things feed into that - Democratic complacency, whether it's the young voter who "forgets" to vote, the minoriy voter who feels their vote "won't count," to the older American who doesn't want to "wait" and to the average American white house wife or worker who feels they "just don't have time." The fierce urgency of now is a real concept and by God we're in it right now.
Another is the "Hail Sarah" tactic of the McCain campaign, where all the fomented anger just boils to the surface and irrational fears are expressed and the McCain campaign stokes it along much like a fire, a fire for which they may just loose control. The last 48 hours they're waging a scorched earth campaign to hell with anything positive they might say about their own candidates or the policies they plan on implementing to help the country, it's tear down and monger fear, all in an effort to push the Christianist base to the brink with their fears of "the other" and dislike for anything less than their white moral superiority.
So yeah I'm worried and I've been worried. In my mind have I framed this election in terms of a moral judgement on America -- after the past 8 years, indeed after bloodied reign of Baby Boomer ideology and factionalism it's disheartning to think that we can't get beyond it all and finally put an end to the infighting. We'll only know come Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning. Vote. Know. Hope.

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Anonymous said...

Very good reminder. If you can't go out and help out at your local office... Please get on BarackObama.com and make calls.