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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

On airing untoward comments

There are hurt feelings from our friends on the right over a hard fought battle, and that's understandable. But some things just go too far.

SCHotline Breaking: Obama replaces Secret Service with Black Panthers, developing... from web

SCHotline The agony of defeat, we just elected Curious George to the Whitehouse, where is my bourbon... from web

From Twitter

To be cynical or hyperbolic when loosing an election is a given and even excusable to an extent, but this is a step to far and completely unnecessary. It's not that one can not have such opinions, it's just not wise for Mr. Sewell to broadcast such thoughts in a public forum unless he's prepared to face the consequences, however small they may be on his South Carolina client list. Shame on you Mr. Sewell.

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Anonymous said...

President Elect Obama is now OUR president! He ran an incredulous campaign and has earned the respect of all Americans in doing so. A joke here or there regarding is not for you to take too seriously. Now in some short order we must come together and give him our support and admiration and wish him much success!


Anonymous said...

I suspect Mr. SCHotline already had found his bourbon.

Mattheus Mei said...

wow anon, way to be an adult, any more invective you'd like to offer up?