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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Monks of Mepkin are back in business

"Mepkin stands for the truth. Mepkin stands for honesty and integrity"

- Father Stan Gumula, Abbot
Well, sort of. The AP reports that the good Monks of Mepkin, who last year were harassed by PETA into giving up their egg farm which sustains their monastic community, are closing in on a replacement industry so that they can continue the ancient tradition of labora et ora - work and prayer.

What is it the monks are planning to do? Make Chocolates? No, though their mother abbey in KY does that, make beer or wine? We wish, but no. They're going to cultivate mushrooms, and while not the magical kind, I'm sure they'll be tasty and their purchase will be a blessing for that community.

The article reports that the brother's plan to sell the mushrooms to restaurants in Charleston, and even now Piggley Wiggley (who plans to sell the Monks' eggs until they halt production at the end of this year) is hoping to sell the mushrooms in their South Carolina and Georgia stores. This will, hopefully, be they're main source of income, though still options are on the table.

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1 comment:

Lianne said...

Good for the monks for finding a way to sustain their monastery without using animals! You can find out more about PETA involvement here: http://blog.peta.org/archives/2007/12/did_peta_go_too_1.php