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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tim Calhoun for Congress!!!

You know when I saw this ad by Joe Wilson I was like, wait a minute -- he looks and sounds familiar....

And then it hit me... he looks and sounds exactly like TIM CALHOUN!!!!!!

It's Amazing and absolutely hilarious, and what's really funny is that as much of a push over as Tim Calhoun is -- so is Wilson! 

He's been a rubber stamp for President Bush's policies and has nothing much to run on except being WASPY, from Lexington and a Republican (which is all kind of redundant). 

Seriously his website doesn't even list any legislative accomplishments except some reference to a (singular) piece of legislation he submitted and vague support for policies. He's been in Congress for how long and isn't running on his record?? 

Wow, you expect that from the New Guy but NOT an incumbent. Perhaps he doesn't want to run on his record since it would basically go against everything he tries to present himself as in his commercials, a Bush crony? In the words of Sarah Palin -- you betcha!

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