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Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 Al Smith Dinner

What a great reprieve from the bitterness of the past few weeks, though the barbs are definitely there with the self deprecation... I guess that's why it's a roast. Enjoy! I certainly did.

John McCain Part I,

Barack Obama Part I,

And no that was not intentional to have McCain's coming from Fox and Obama's video from MSNBC that's just how I found them.

I'm missing "Part II" from both candidates speeches, any resourceful internetsers out there uploaded these yet? And if I'm able at some point in time if I can find the whole segments I'll replace these with them.

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Earl Capps said...

We did a roast at the party I did for my Master's graduation back in May. Having the guests rip me up and down for 30 minutes was a bit of an experience, to say the least.

But as much as I dish it out on my blog, I should be able to take it.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Youtube has the McCain broken up into 5 or 6 parts. Once you got one one of them, the others appear in the sidebar. I haven't seem an entire one yet for McCain.

The MSNBC clip I saw (courtesy of G) had 1/2 of McCain and all of Obama. It skipped the whole "where's Bill" and the Zoroastrian New Year's bit.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Just realized where it would be, without annoying graphics or scroll bars.

Go here and click the red "watch" button to watch all 47 minutes at C-span, including the intros from Al Smith IV.