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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


While the MSM reels back and praises Palin's speech as a great speech out of necessity for the attack Palin unleashed against them (I agree with Joe Klein - READ IT!), this American is underwhelmed.

The speech had some pointed sound bites, which we'll see played over and over again on the cable news networks, but it was filled with sarcastic mocking and the delivery left something to be desired. Tracy Flick is too over the top for Ms. Palin's first night out. I don't think I'm alone in this assessment.

And on the sarcastic and mocking, she wasn't the first to do it tonight - she was preceded by Rudy Giuliani, and I agree with Sully's observations:

The one moment that stays with me tonight, oddly enough, was not Palin's speech. It was a line from Giuliani, a New York mayor with a young second third wife and gay friends, mocking a "cosmopolitan" who was brought up by a single mother. It was that Barack Obama's rise could "only happen in America." And it was designed to mock him, the first African-American candidate for the presidency of the United States.

I won't forget that.

And neither will I...

It's bizarre that the Democrats did not go after character assassinations of McCain, but the Republicans grasped on to that... grasping straws then?

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1 comment:

Jon said...

It was standard, uninspired attack dog with a littl bio thrown in since no one knows her.

Not impressive, unless you wanted it to be.