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Friday, September 05, 2008

TrooperGate getting ready to explode

First came out the e-mails, and now the union points out that Palin obtained personnel records in order to frame allegations against the brother in law.

He may have been an asshole who allegedly did and said shitty things, but what does it say about her that she would discard all the rules to go after him?

This along with the news that the Enquirer is prepared to defend itself against the Republican Machine as they claim Palin had an affair, the sneakiness and duplicity about Bristol's pregnancy, the cries of leaving the family alone as they parade the down syndrome child around like a prop. Not to mention banning books, religious zealotry and eschatology, and lies, more lies and damn lies about reforming Alaska and the Earmarks.

Thinks will be getting interesting over the next few weeks. This may not be an Eagleton, but it won't be good.

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