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Monday, September 15, 2008

Quote of the Day: His Truth is marching on...

I intend to be relentless for the next six weeks, morning, noon and night, weeks and weekdays, exposing the lies of the McCain-Palin campaign and showing their unfitness - in terms of competence, decency, intelligence, and experience - to become president and vice-president of the US. I will be making arguments and presenting facts in ways I do not expect and do not want Obama himself to engage him.

But these last two weeks - and this absurd, insulting pick for veep - has roused me. As I know it has roused many. McCain needs to be more than defeated. He needs to be exposed as the dishonest, despicable, desperate and dishonorable cynic he has become.

I read these lines and couldn't help but hear in my mind's ear the Battle Hymn of the Republic. (I can't help it, I'm a progressive and the Republican attack line jars me more and more each day.)
There is a sense of overdue (and appropriate) righteous indignation arising from not just the left, but perhaps more importantly from the center. Andrew with his philosophy of fiscal restraint, smart limited government and social libertarianism that adheres to the Constitution is a more appropriate Icon of center-right politics that represent a majority of this country than the likes of 'America's boil,' the architect of what is mostly wrong with this country today, Bill Kristol.

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