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Friday, September 26, 2008

Out Damn Spot!

After the breakdown of the bipartisan agreement to save the economy, it's becoming more important to read again and again Rev. Tim's analysis about the nature of this generation of Republicans. Eugene Jarecki at HuffPo believes that for Republicans not to implode, as they're currently doing, it's time to re-think the deification of Reagan and refocus on the policies of Ike Eisenhower.

I really don't know what to say about the McCain campaign and the insanity of the congressional republicans - it's like the descent into madness of Lady MacBeth.

As if to underscore that isanity see what one of these Ultra-Reagonites has to say

What he doesn't say is that if you give a tax break to one class/segment of the economy, inherently you're going to increase the burden on another segment. In this case if you continue to give tax breaks to Corporate entities and Wealthy indivduals - who's going to pay for it? Middle America is and the simple reality is that if you give a break then you have to cut spending - and after reading the two analyses above, I doubt any Republican would cut funds to their prescious Defense Budget or Homeland Security Budget (just as much as Democrats wouldn't cut Entitlements like Medicare and Social Security)

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