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Friday, August 08, 2008

McCain's financial ties to terrorists

To quote a previous entry (with Links) on McCain's not so savory connections, employees, etc.

John McCain's campaign has been plagued by seedy figures, lobbyists who have represented in the least frigid friends and at worst some of the cruelest of regimes the world knows - including the current Burmese regime, as well as associates who have helped terrorist groups via fundraisers.
But now it appears that he's also accepting bundled money from even seedier sources in the least a warmongering profiteer, in the worst possible terrorists.

Marc Ambinder asks an important question:
If there were a group of questionable donations all with the name Abdullah
that were funneled through a guy in Jordan
who is a Jordanian national
who is under investigation for war profiteering
and it were Barack Obama
instead of John McCain
would this be a bigger deal?

The short answer, yes - here's another pass by the media for Uncle Grumpy.

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