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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain encourages wife to get nekkid, calls her piece of sh*t

McCain at the Sturgis bike rally earlier today told a crowd that he encouraged his wife Cindy to compete in the Miss Buffalo Chips contest. The MSM is saying that this was an innocent gaffe, if they are reporting on it at all, but McCain was previously scene by a WSJ reporter in a store and had an awkward encounter with the locals and the reigning Miss Buffalo Chips and said,

McCain and his wife, Cindy, stopped by one store and bought four T-shirts, two black and two burnt orange, which he grabbed hastily. He paid for them with cash from what appeared to be a black Velcro wallet and asked how business was doing.

Before selecting those tops, McCain quickly glanced at a rack of red T-shirts which your pooler saw featured a topless Miss Buffalo Chips with her arm and a denim jacket strategically placed. A few feet away stood the woman herself, who goes by Jessica, wearing a black bikini and black leather chaps, signing autographs. McCain did not make his way over to her but several other male patrons did. “I don’t want John McCain’s autograph,” one man slurred to Jessica. “I want yours,” he said, holding up a T-shirt for her to sign.

So it wasn't an innocent gaffe, he knew exactly who and what Miss Buffalo Chip is and thought he'd make the sophomoric comment anyway. I wonder if anyone has told him what a Buffalo Chip really is, I'm sure Cindy would appreciate the remarks even less.

It looks like Huff-Po is also calling him out on the nekkid comments!

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