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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Improving Race Relations in South Carolina

While NVB points us towards our "Southern Discomfort" and Waldo groans about it being yet another elegiac piece from yet another professional southerner now removed and with it the usual Gothic tropes.

Well I'm happy to report at least one glimmer of hope in contrast to the opining and analysis of Mr. Dickey on the static state of things in the South.

My parents church in the little town of Cheraw, SC - Westside Baptist Church. The Church I grew up in, the ones where folks in my youth were still miffed and mystified by the notion of miscegenation, and though in the midst of a predominantly African-American neighborhood, was an insular oasis of whiteness.

Well this quintessentially Southern Church this very evening opened it's doors for a joint service with the historically black baptist from 2 miles up the road. The Fisher Hill Community met with Westside, the Fisher Hill choir sang, and their Pastor delivered the message. And according to my dad there were many from Westside in attendance, and everyone enjoyed the joint fellowship opportunity.

If such an occasion is possible even now in Cheraw, SC then I can't help but believe Mr. Dickey only looked for that which he was trying to look. Granted everything he said is essentially true, and he did mention the great complexities of the (post)modern south, but failed to elucidate beyond the duality of life as presented through the prism of race and it's code words.

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