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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heads up: Guest blogging

During the convention I'll also be posting over at Crack The Bell. Here's Tim's introduction to yours truly and a couple of other guest bloggers, more to come as we continue to 'coalecse.'

Democratic National Convention Guest Bloggers

Introducing the first batch of guest bloggers who will be sharing their work with you on Crack the Bell during the Democratic National Convention.

Mattheus Mei arrived in Columbia to attend USC from a small town with a big attitude in the upper Pee Dee region of South Carolina. After finishing school, he liked Columbia so much he decided to stay. "Who needs country life when you can live in the city," he said. Then he visited a 'real' city and said, "Who needs city life when you can live in the country?" And thus he has been here since having the quasi-best of both worlds. Follow his work regularly at Leonardo's Notebook.

Waldo Lydecker's a recovering lawyer who decided to make his longtime, part-time writing career a full-time gig. He returned to his native Carolinas in 2008 after thirty years in England, Oregon and Washington. Like one of his literary heroes, Max Beerbohm, he was a modest, good-natured boy Oxford made insufferable. Waldo's Journal is one of the most entertaining blogs anywhere.

Sacraments Wholesale has been in my RSS reader for years.
Deacon Tim is an ordained Episcopal Deacon (Deacons look like priests but tend to listen to hipper music.) He grew up in Florida, which technically makes him a Southerner. He thinks that the world is separated into those who care about the poor and those who don't,
which technically makes him a Liberal. He thinks Jesus was the coolest guy to ever walk the planet, which technically makes him a Christian. He still reads newspapers because online news makes very poor mulch.

More to come folks.

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1 comment:

Harry Knopp said...

This looks like it could be one FUN convention. There's a great set of links for it on http://www.USAMediaGuide.com. It includes links to the official convention site, the host committee's site, the "protest" site, places to watch it live online and other convention-related sites.