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Monday, August 25, 2008

Can you say Cluster F*ck?

The State is reporting that "Flat Top" Bob Conley, the man who managed to get the SCDP nomination (can you say people eenie meenie miny moe?) for Senate despite being a self proclaimed Ron Paul Democrat - is challenging Republican Lindsey Graham to a debate!

Oh LAWD folks this could get embarrassing.

First after reading this revelation I was wondering, why is Bob making such a proclamation from the Democratic Convention - then realized, wait, he's not there... after all he doesn't subscribe to the more detailed aspects of the Democratic Platform.

I recommend reading Elonkey. Jen has been following this particularly candidacy very closely and has shed light on his socially conservative libertarianism and strange mix of political views.

After discussing his candidacy with fellow democrats, many are saying privately that they'd rather have Lindsey Graham's moderation to Conley's extremism (social and fiscal), perhaps the party does need to take stock as John Vierdsen suggested.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bob Conley will be a great Senator!