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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Brew at the Zoo

I had a fabulous time at Brew at the Zoo this evening, and will cherish my souvenir glasses. It was fun hanging out with Gashwin, St. Liz, Dogwood and Mrs. Dell, St. Izzy showed up after his bike trip across America though didn't make it in the park for beer and I believe I saw Snead from afar, but there was no way I was getting out of the long line for beer, sorry Snead.

I must say I believe my favourite beer this evening was the Weihenstephan. It was delicious and the Trappist Monks that craft Orval did an excellent job, and now I'm conflicted between which monastic beer is best (comparing to Chimay of course)

If you all missed, try and make it next year. It was awesome! And I must say, I'd believe untamed beer would be proud. Next up the Savannah Craft Beer festival at the end of August.

Thanks everybody for the fun time tonight and thank God I didn't get as drunk as we all know a Mattie Mei can.

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