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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Religious Right and Pro-Life movement are now Race Baiting

Well, we all knew the history of the Southern Baptist Convention and many other denominational uprisings that occurred right along with it before and during the civil war, AND we're all painfully aware that for many of these ecclesial institutions they remain segregated with the starkest expression being that hour in America on Sunday morning from 11am-12pm when congregations gather to worship. Such segregation has and does lead to fear of the other, just ask many persons in a white dominant congregation or denomination and many if not most will still uphold such notions as miscegenation.

But really folks is this necessary?
Must we alter an American Icon, such as Uncle Sam in our efforts to promote a Pro-Life agenda when knowing what we do know about the historical and current state of our American and Evangelical religious experience that the image would serve as a distraction and detraction from the message, such imagery will probably actually replace the message.

I'd imagine, knowing the record of the Rev. Pat Mahoney, that this campaign ad by the Christian Defense Alliance and it's leader the Rev Mahoney wasn't intentionally trying to race bait - he is after all a man who has stood up for oppressed groups throughout the world including homeless, former gang members, and most especially the un-born. So I'm shocked, and a bit disappointed that enough oversight and forethought wasn't put into the campaign before it released this ad.

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