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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Attack of the Nudist

What else is there to do in Hilton Head than run around stark naked terrorizing a tourist. He found the fast way to get on the state's sex offender list.

A naked man caused quite a stir at a Hilton Head Island hotel.
The Hispanic man -- described as being about 35 years old -- entered the pool deck of the Holiday Inn Oceanfront, 1 South Forest Beach Drive, at about 8 p.m. Sunday.
He stripped off his clothes and ran around the pool, "tormenting" guests, according to the description of a 60-year-old tourist who was at the pool with his family.
The naked man then jumped into the water and one of his friends tossed him a pair of shorts.
Hotel security escorted the man off the property, but did not report the incident to the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office as they had promised the victim, according to a sheriff's report released Wednesday.
Authorities were notified when the tourist went to the Sheriff's Office to pick up a copy of the report.
Hmm, after reading that last line, maybe he'll get pardoned and end up a star like the naked cowboy in NYC.

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