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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The American consumer experience has hit either a new high or a new low: Balla Powder

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail about a new men's health product. He apparently got a good laugh out of it because this company found a need and filled it, in such a creative and ingenious way.

"Got that not so fresh feeling? Try Balla Powder Specifically formulated for a man's masculine needs. Balla Powder gently cools and refreshes for the feeling of long-lasting confidence."
Actually that's just way to nice of a description, infact I lifted it from Summer's Eve. No no, it's not that polished and particular about maintaining a certain mystique.

Victorian prudishness when discussing bodily issues is nearly impossible when it comes to the male form. The conversations usually become a bit more frank. Of course these frank conversation usually degenerate from straightforwardness to the other end of the poetic license spectrum - crass, but the spiral doesn't always end there.

The Amazon product description is.... is... well, it's not just crass it's base and common.
Balla Powder for Men is the ideal anti-chafing and anti-wetness solution for clammy sacks. Guaranteed to prevent the dreaded "bat wing" syndrome, Balla Powder for Men is lightly scented with a masculine fragrance, for anyone else who plans to work in your close quarters. Can be sprinkled into your fudgies for all-day-long comfort and dryness. A fabulous post-workout treatment, Balla Powder for Men can also be used between your cheeks, as well as on fetid feet and aromatic armpits.
As if that weren't enough to make you split your spleen in laughter and slight embarassment, check out the comments!

The actual website for the product, because yes, this is a real product, is only slightly better and doesn't include such annecdotal evidence effectiveness. Though the site does tell you where to apply the product, when to apply it, and how!

Also the product is available in three varieties: "original formula" - for the average guy, "tingle" - for the more adventurous and exotic types, and "fragrence free" for the sensitive mommas boys.

Baby powder is after all for babies...

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