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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Andrew Sullivan got it right

Clinton gave her speech in a veritable bunker, with no wireless communication possible, no TVs or ways to communicate. She gave no concession and surrounded herself with only her fiercest of supporters. There was no advanced copy of her speech - she blindsided her own party.

Andrew Sullivan got it right in his assessment of the Clinton Speech.

The speech tonight was a remarkable one for a candidate who has lost the nomination, though not remarkable for a Clinton. It was an assertion that she had won the nomination and a refusal to concede anything to her opponent. Classless, graceless, shameless, relentless. Pure Clinton.

Her narcissism requires that she deprive her opponent of a night, or a second, of gratification or attention. And she has now won, in her Bush-like version of reality, 18 million votes. Her invitation for her supporters to email their suggestions to her website is pure theater, a way of keeping herself in the spotlight and maneuvering her delegates to demand a second spot on the ticket. The way she is now doing this - by an implicit threat, backed by McCain, to claim that Obama is an illegitimate nominee if she does not get her way - is designed to humiliate the nominee sufficiently to wound him enough to lose the election.

Either way, she is clearly intent on getting Obama defeated this fall if she is not offered the vice-presidency. And if she gets the veep nod, the way she has gotten it will allow her to argue that a November loss was not her loss. It was his. And she will run again in 2012.

She will not go away. The Clintons will never go away. And they will do all they can to cripple any Democrat who tries to replace them. In the tent or out of it, it is always about them. And they are no longer rivals to Obama; they are threats.

(Photo: Stan Honda/AFP/Getty.)

Absolutely incredible and disgusting, on this most Historic of nights for her to be so blindly narcissistic and self-serving, she seethes untruth more than any serpent and it has nothing to do with her sex though she beguiles people to believe it so.

Succubus, that's what she is, and the 18 million strong army she claims to helm is nothing more than smoke and mirrors when you look at the facts and the numbers. Congratulations tonight Hillary Clinton on stabbing the Democratic Party and it's principals, you so desperately claim to represent, in the heart.

If we loose in November, we can look back to this most historic night, a night where we should have coalesced and united you chose to rend us asunder for nothing more than yourself in the mirror - an image self-aggrandized.

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