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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Just a reminder

October 1996 - From the NYT:

Ad Touts Clinton's Opposing Gay Marriage

Published: October 15, 1996

In a radio advertisement aimed at religious conservatives, the Clinton campaign is showcasing the President's signature on a bill banning gay marriages in spite of earlier White House complaints that the issue amounted to ''gay baiting.''

The advertisement also promotes President Clinton's work to protect religious freedom and says he wants ''a complete ban'' on late-term abortions ''except when the mother's life is in danger'' or when a woman ''faces severe health risks.''

It refers to Mr. Clinton's support of the Defense of Marriage Act, which the President signed into law last month, to the dismay of many gay rights advocates. Mr. Clinton signed the law early on a Saturday morning, minimizing news coverage. He said he had long agreed with the principles in the bill but hoped it would not be used to justify discrimination against homosexuals.

The White House spokesman, Michael D. McCurry, had earlier criticized Republicans for raising the issue, calling it ''gay baiting.''

The Dole campaign was critical. ''This is a President who signed the Defense of Marriage Act in the middle of the night so it wouldn't be news, but now he does paid advertising to promote it,'' said a Dole spokesman, Gary Koops. ''This is a President who has never supported any restriction on abortion, but now, 20-plus days before the election, he does ads touting the fact that he now says he supports restrictions.''


Emphasis added. Just a reminder for all of my Gay friends in North Carolina who are all star struck by the Mrs. Clinton. You can say it was under the He-Clinton's administration that this occurred, but to insinuate that Hillary had no part in any of the decision making that went on in the White House - including decisions such as NAFTA, and this - DOMA among others is denying the reality of the history of the Clinton Administration, it also undercuts the argument that She-Clinton has been making throughout this campaign of "experience" necessary to run the country. Take away afterall her experience in the White House as first Lady and she's got one term as a Senator to her credit.

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