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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cold Fusion at last?

RKnows has a link to a story about Japanese scientists who may have finally performed cold fusion. The jury is still out as to the exact causation of the heat emanations (70+ Celsius for 50 hours), whether they were purely chemical or truly fussile (yup made that word up, opposite of fissile).

So far it's made no major networks, and even though the experiment is replicative, cold fusion naysayers have been so vocal as to relegate the notion to science fiction.

BUT if this is the real deal, I agree with Mr Raymond - the Oil and Coal people will need to take those record profits and immediately invest, because otherwise they could be out of business.

Slashdot has reported on it and most commenters have side tracked talking about Greek/Latin roots for Helium and Hydrogen and the problem with Google translator.

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