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Monday, April 28, 2008

Xristos Anesti! Alithos Anesti!

Happy Pascha to all of my Orthodox friends out there!

There is an interesting article by his Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople at the Washington Post that he wrote prior to the Pascha. As always Ex Occidente Lex, Ex Oriente Lux, as the Patriarch so vividly paints what Easter means to orthodox people:

When Orthodox Christians recall the Resurrection, they are not primarily concerned intellectually with how that miracle actually took place. In fact, they think less of an empty grave and more of an open tomb, which remains an open invitation to those who believe. The miracle of Resurrection calls for an openness to confess the reality of the darkness within us and around us, admitting our role and responsibility in refusing to eradicate the suffering in our world. Then, when we stand honestly before the reality of our evil – in earnest recognition and prayerful confession of the hurt we
inflict upon our neighbor within society and within the global community, and the abuse with we treat the earth’s resources – at that very moment of realization are we also able to perceive the hope and light of the Resurrection. Only then are we able to apprehend the relationship between the Resurrection and the presence of war, racism, global warming and terrorism in our world. For then, we shall also be able to discern the light of the Resurrection in our hearts and in our world.
The Patriarch is a very impassioned leader of the worldwide communion of Orthodox faithful and like his Latin counterpart, the Roman Pontiff, Benedict XVI, he's a deeply charismatic figure with an intellect like none other and a faith for Christ for the ages. I'm sure a friend of mine would agree with this assessment as he's heard the Patriarch speak in person.

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