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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SC shaken by latest School Violence

As is always the case, when the national news media turns it's probing eyes on the people of South Carolina, it's rarely with rose tinted lenses. Today isn't any different as the people in Mei Country are all rattled at the prospects of what could have been the worst case of school violence in recent South Carolina memory.

The residents of Chesterfield County are on edge today as police have Chesterfield High School bunkered down. This past weekend a young man was arrested after his parents received a delivery to their home of substantial amounts of bomb making materials.

So our thoughts and prayers are with the families of Chesterfield and the surrounding areas (including Cheraw) as they try and grapple with such a sad situation whose tragic outcomes have been averted. More at The State.

::Updated:: It appears that the list of charges against the young man are lenghtening as the Federal Government is stepping in on the case. Of concern is the fact that the materials to be used in the bomb were shipped via the US Postal Service.

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