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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pope's address to the Bishops - admonitioning the Truth

While the major media sources are concentrating on the Sex Abuse Scandal, the entirity of the Pope's address last night to the Bishops was a multi-faceted loving, yet frank admonishment to stand by the truth. Whether it was the sex abuse scandal, the causal reality of the shrinking ministerial priesthood as well as the quiet attrition of the faithful amongst a host of other topics.

To see the full text of the Pope's address to the Bishops check out this post from Rocco and follow the appropriate links.

If you're interested in an interpretation of the remarks on the Sex Abuse Scandal - Fr. James Martin has an interesting piece up at the NY Times. See here. It's a good perspective and a positive reflection on B16's remarks about the Scandal.

Thomas over at AmP has some interesting reactions to the address.

And Gashwin pulls one meaty yet very important soundbite from the speech.

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