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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lou Dobbs, Resurrecting the Know-Nothings

Lou Dobbs, self-proclaimed champion of the Middle Class (white folks) and scourge of illegals has turned the harsh gaze on The Roman Pontiff. On Wednesday night he said:

The idea that the pope would come here and criticize the United States this way is, I think, first of all bad manners . I don’t care if you’re infallible [sarcastically] or not. So it’s bad manners.Number two, it is absolutely out of all proportion with the world scale. This is the most welcoming nation, the most generous nation on the face of the earth. And for this pope to have this attitude and to make these comments is, in my opinion, absolutely repugnant It seems to me that if one is going to reach to the level that he did, you have to have some moral standing for it. And what has been happening to this church…for the last decade, seems to leave open his standing, cleaning up his own house. I don’t know if there is a scriptural reference there, but it seems to me that, glass houses, stones. Whatever it may be, it’s just bad manners.
Mr. Dobbs has taken it just too far, I know that Bill Donahue of the Catholic League is rightly furious, and once Catholics realize just how virulent an attitude and sense of contempt Mr. Dobbs has for Roman Catholicism as expressed by his disdain for the Pope and now, and previously for the contempt of illegal aliens - as pictured by Mr. Dobbs, being only those folks from south of our border, the majority of whom are Catholics. It behooves me to wonder since this other shoe has dropped if Mr. Dobbs should keep his job.

The ironic reality is that the media has been rather supportive of the Pope and the program that proceeds Mr. Dobbs is the situation room with Wolf Blitzer. Mr. Blitzer of course met with the Pope and shared his joy of meeting the Holy Father and the feelings he had in meeting him. While we certainly shouldn't expect the media to gush over his holiness, at the same time it's repugnant to tolerate the type of vitriol that Mr. Dobbs spews over such a world figure who does have such moral gravitas individually, in the office he holds and for the organization that he represents.

Perhaps Mr. Dobbs would feel more appropriate joining the Phelps in their protesting the Pontiff's visit.

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